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December 2008 Issue
Buyer's Guide To Brochures
By Robert McLellan

You know what you like — makes, years and subjects — but what are you getting for your money? That depends on what is important to you.

Condition: There is no use wasting your money on a worn out piece of literature unless your only use for it is the information. Collectibles are more than just pictures and information. They are investments and are expected to be in excellent condition. If it is the only one you have ever seen, and you just have to have it, well, I understand buying it. But even rare and 100-year-old items can be preserved so that they remain in excellent condition.

You will note that most literature dealers and eBay sellers give you as little information as possible. What is easiest for them is not what is best for you. Why should you have to guess at what you are purchasing? At McLellan's Automotive History we are proud of our 48 years of providing you with as complete a description as possible and with taking all the guesswork out of purchasing brochures.

As appropriate and available, we give you the following information on what is included in a brochure:

* One or more photographs showing cover and interior pages
* Title
* Make and models included
* Number of pages
* Size
* Color, part-color or black and white
* Number of photographs, photo renderings or drawings
* Text on what is included (interior, exterior, engine, chassis, mechanical parts, features, etc.)
* Color and upholstery charts
* Technical descriptions
* Charts
* Options available
* Performance data
* Specifications
* Dimensional drawings
* Special dealership labels (i.e. Inskip)
* Condition (any flaws, dealer stamps, etc.)

Examples of our descriptions include:

Year: 1905  (Item #B37592)
  -   Photo 1    Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4  
AMERICAN MERCEDES (40-45 H. P.), "American Mercedes Automobiles":
12 page non-color catalog, 6x9. Blue stringbound cover, with black lettering, has drawing of American eagle, American flag and German flag and red and black poles with American and German emblems. Two photographs show side and frontal views of American Mercedes 40-45 H. P. Touring Car. Includes discussion, specifications and drawing of Daimler Manufacturing Company, Long Island City, New York. Comes with: a) separate 2 page (single-side printed) non-color sheet on "Racing Achievements Not the Basis of Mercedes' Success"; and b) original matching mailing envelope. Brochure and sheet have small rusty discoloration.

Year: 1933  (Item #B34950)
  -   Photo 1    Photo 2  
FORD (Commercial Cars and 1 1/2-Ton Trucks [4- and 8-Cylinder]), "The New Ford Trucks and Commercial Cars: Power . Speed . Economy . Reliability":
8 page non-color folder, 11x9. Black cover, with orange, white and black lettering, has triangular photograph showing grille and headlights on Ford V-8 Truck and six white-on-black line drawings of body styles available. Folder opens once to 11x17 layout with nine photographs showing exterior, engine/chassis and mechanical parts of Ford Sedan Delivery, Standard and Deluxe Panel Deliveries, Pick-Up and Station Wagon Commercial Cars, with discussion, then opens to 22x17 layout with fifteen photographs showing exterior, engine/chassis and mechanical parts of Ford Stake Bed, Panels (two), Platform, Express, Heavy Duty Express and Hydraulic Dump Trucks, with discussion. Back cover has three drawings showing ways in which Ford V-8 Trucks can be used, with discussion and specifications. Form No. C208.

Year: 1936  (Item #B37143)
  -   Photo 1    Photo 2   Photo 3  
AUBURN (852), "New Super-Charged Auburn":
8 page non-color folder, 8x6. Green and white cover, with red, white and black lettering, has ornate scroll frame around photo rendering showing side view of front of Auburn with supercharger. Folder opens to 9x24 layout with three full page photographs showing three-quarter frontal views of Auburn Convertible Cabriolet and supercharged 4-Door Sedan and Convertible Phaeton Sedan and cutaway photo rendering "Explaining the Auburn Super- Charger", with discussion. Reverse side has two full page photographs showing three-quarter frontal views of Auburn Super-Charged Coupe and Boattail Speedster, with discussion and specifications. Shows light handling; therefore, price has been reduced.

Year: 1950  (Item #B37438)
  -   Photo 1    Photo 2  
DODGE (Coronet, Wayfarer and Meadowbrook), "Presenting the New Bigger Value Dodge":
8 page color catalog, 15x11. Blue, yellow and white cover has photo rendering showing three-quarter frontal view of red Meadowbrook Sedan. Thirty-eight photo renderings and drawings show exterior, interior, engine and mechanical features of Dodge Wayfarer Sedan, Roadster and Coupe; Meadowbrook Sedan; Coronet 6- and 8-Passenger Sedans, Club Coupe, 'Diplomat', Convertible and Station Wagon. Includes discussion and specifications. Clip press printing. Shows light handling and cover has dealer stamp; therefore, price has been reduced. I.D. #DMA- 7066-12-49.

Year: 1965  (Item #B11080)
  -   Photo 1   
CHEVROLET (Impala, Bel Air and Biscayne), "Chevrolet: The Beautiful Shape":
20 page color catalog, 12x9. Cover has white border framing photograph showing three-quarter frontal view of Artesian Turquoise Chevrolet Impala Sport Sedan in outdoor setting. Fifty-eight photographs and photo rendering, including eight nice full page photographs of the models and two page side view of yellow Impala Sport Coupe, show exterior, interior, engine, chassis and features of Chevrolet Impala 4-Door Sedan, Convertible and Station Wagons; Impala Sport Sedan and Coupe; Impala Super Sport Coupe and Convertible; Bel Air 2- and 4-Door Sedans and Station Wagons; and Biscayne 2- and 4-Door Sedans and Station Wagon. Includes discussion, specifications, options and fifteen side view drawings showing full line of body styles in paint colors available, with chart of recommended color combinations. Copyright 1964.

Year: 1985  (Item #B22155)
  -   Photo 1   
PORSCHE (911, 944 and 928S), "Porsche":
36 page color catalog, 11x10. Dark gray cover with silver lettering and multicolored emblem. Fifty-seven photographs and drawings, including eight nice full page or larger photographs of models, show exterior, interior, engine, chassis, mechanical features, craftsmen at work and manufacturing facility for Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe, Targa and Cabriolet and 944 and 928S sport coupes. Sixteen additional photographs show contemporary and historical racing scenes and a four page history with five archival photographs and drawings. Includes discussion and specifications. I.D. #WVK 104 121.

The Automotive Chronicles, December 2008
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