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April 2014

Buy Literature at Impressive Discounts

By Robert McLellan

The www.McLellansAutomotive.com web site has a big advantage over eBay in that you can load up on literature and receive a discount that increases in size with the size of the order. To encourage literature purchases, we have increased our discounts:

30% off on $200 - $999 order; 50% off on $1000 - $9,999 order; 70% off on $10,000 or above

Buy www.mclellansautomotive.com

Nothing lasts forever. At 70 years of age and after owning www.McLellansAutomotive.com for over 54 years, the business will be ending sales in the very near future. Millions of dollars of literature has been sold throughout the world and although the business could go on forever, I am ready to sell it to someone younger who enjoys automotive literature and wants to make money with a profitable business. The web site will remain active and updated until the sale is finalized. The sale will include the web site and all literature and services.

Current as of March 10, 2014:
Total no. of items on the web site: 49,263 (including duplicates)
Total retail price of the web site inventory: $1,297,517
Items are photographed and described
Additionally, a large number of items still to be inventoried for the web site. These are not yet photographed and described. No item count available but retail value over $200,000.
Access to web site services and opportunity to purchase website maintenance services.
Opportunity to acquire our other services related to the web site.
Support of current owner.

Purchase price: $200,000. If properly managed, you would have a 3-year or less payout and many additional profitable years.

E-mail inquiries to robert@mclellansautomotive.com

Auto Maniacs Newsletter, April 2014



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