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February 2014

Nostalgia or History?

By Robert McLellan

If you like automobiles of the past, it is usually a desire to dream about the cars of our youth or those that older collectors discuss with so much passion. Owning the literature does not replace ownership of those desirable cars but it is a way to experience a personal relationship with the cars that you would like to own.

Literature collectors of the past would collect everything they could lay their hands on. Going from dealership to dealership and attending new auto shows, they would fill closets with boxes of brochures for every make. McLellan's Automotive has that literature. This is the opportunity to expand your interest into makes that you have forgotten about or may not have even heard of before. Rarity does not mean it is expensive.

There are a lot of interesting cars that have been forgotten by collectors. If you have not ventured to the Hudson, Austin Healey or Willys sections, you may find literature of interest. Recently, a customer was looking for a 1950s Ford pickup and came across a 1950s Studebaker pickup. It was cheaper, more interesting and when it came to attracting attention, the Studebaker gathers larger crowds because it stands out from the Chevrolets, Fords and Dodges. And he was pleased that we had literature on the pickup. While searching through sales brochures, do not overlook the press kits, press photos, paint chips, memorabilia, dealer albums, salesmans' books, manuals, posters, etc.

Ever heard of Kaiser? It is a good example of a car that was modern for its time but just could not compete with the major brands.

1949 - KAISER (Special and Deluxe)
1954 - KAISER
1952 - KAISER (Manhattan, Traveler and DeLuxe)
Frazer entered the market in June of 1946. Initial designs for both the Frazer and Kaiser were created by Howard "Dutch" Darrin and were based on almost identical bodies. These distinctively modern and clean designs had straight through fenderless lines devoid of the current industry styling of separate fender sculptures.


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