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February 2014

54 Years and More to Go

By Robert McLellan

Having a consistent customer base is comforting and we have been working at it for many years. We are up to the job and we hope you will notice all the web site changes that have been recently made. With the poor economy and shipping costs constantly increasing, we are offsetting this with our discount system and sales on hundreds of items. Our quality remains superior to the competition and customer service second to none. It seems to be working and we are happy that customers are taking advantage of bulk discounts.

It is not surprising that most customers start looking for literature on eBay and end up buying at McLellan's Automotive History where there is a vast selection to choose from instead of having to buy one item at a time. Our aim is to navigate you to the items that you are looking for and then making the check out simple and getting back to you quickly with payment and shipping. Please let us know if we have succeeded in that and if we can improve the process.

Please write to info@mclellansautomotive.com

20% off on $100 - $199 order
25% off on $200 - $299 order
30% off on $300 - $399 order
35% off on $400 or above order
Offer applies to ALL the literature across this website.
Choose from over 150,000 original brochures, catalogs, manuals, books, magazines and more, for hundreds of makes.
Shopping cart will show full prices. You will receive a subsequent e-mail with details of total amount payable after applicable discount + shipping.
Literature is shipped in crush-proof boxes.
Shipping is charged on actuals, based on weight of package, not number of brochures.
Inventory is updated everyday, as items are sold and new ones added.

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