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November 2013

Porsche Literature

By Robert McLellan
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Swap meets or the internet? Swap meets became popular in the 1960s and were all the rage in the 70s through the 90s. They were fun, outdoor events that were as much of a social event as they were for buying and selling our cars, parts and literature. But in the 1990s the internet emptied the fields of auto treasures that we could explore with our friends.

Now Google takes us to exactly what we want while we are isolated in our homes and without wasting our time with social interaction and having to go from stall to stall of a vendor's auto memorabilia, cars, parts and literature. I liked swap meets and miss them. Thank goodness some still exist. It is nice to see one of my favorite makes, Porsche, has enthusiasts agreeing with me.

If you did not make it to Los Angeles for the Porsche Literature, Toy, and Memorabilia Swap Meet, please visit our web site and pick any make or subject.

Browse through our Porsche literature pages. Prefer Corvettes? Click here for Corvette literature. Our selection features over a hundred thousand different items from sales literature, dealer albums, press kits, memorabilia, books, programs, press photos, models, paint chips, upholstry samples, magazines, etc. Note that many items are on sale and there are discounts on purchases of $100 or more. Better than a swap meet? We will even give you social interaction.

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