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October 2013

Times have changed

By Robert McLellan

Collecting old cars began in the 1930s when the oldest cars were disappearing from the roads. The pre World War I cars built before the 1920s were considered cheap novelties that were fun to drive and the junkyards were full of parts to keep them running.

By the 1950s, the hobby grew to the point where teenagers enjoyed fooling around with most anything mechanical, and their fathers enjoyed being involved. In many cases, it was the father who had an antique car and the son picked up the interest in the hobby from him. From restoring and maintaining a Model T Ford, Vintage Bentley, Auburn, MG or modifying a '32 Ford street rod with a souped-up flathead V-8, it was great fun and a hands-on thrill to work on it and then drive on the streets. Everything automotive was of interest — antiques, classics, customs, hot rods, dragsters, sports cars, midgets racers, stock car racing, Indy cars, grand prix racing and on and on. Auto magazines and books were devoted to the wide variety of interests that everyone had. Please check out our automotive book sections for our current sale of reduced prices and discounts on a varied of subjects including all of our Automobile Quarterly issues, so you too can enjoy that diversification of interest.

Times have changed and while the older car and literature collectors may love all things automotive, young and middle aged collectors tend to concentrate on one segment of motoring or even just one make or year. The tendency is to concentrate on one particular car and be devoted to it exclusively. That is not a bad thing, but it does show a lack of knowledge and experience since this approach precludes potentially more interesting makes that are available.

Today, most automotive magazines and books cater to one make or even one model of car. The near disappearance of swapmeets has not helped and even car shows are becoming fewer and fewer. Internet search engine results are highly filtered if you are looking for something specific, so again, one misses out on the possibility of being exposed to a vast range of makes and subjects.

Instead of doing a web search that will take you directly to one specific item, probably on eBay, we hope you will spend some time on our automotive literature index page to view the large selection that is available. Experiment with looking at something your have little or no knowledge of and you may be very surprised with the interesting results.

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