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September 2013

Have you noticed the changes?

By Robert McLellan

Book Sale
Over half of our out-of-prints books are on sale and many are being offered at up to 80% off. All Automobile Quarterly issues and all Annuals, Racing and General Interest books are on sale. While most old car enthusiasts concentrate on reading about what they have already known, many of us are more adventurous and delve into the unknown. I frequently get curious and start thumbing through a book only to discover makes and subjects that are very interesting.

Having subscribed to Automobile Quarterly since its inception, I developed an interest in most every facet of the auto world and I cherish my AQ collection and all the other general books. Annuals have the advantage of comparing contemporary cars and events which is very meaningful in getting a perspective on the co-relation of one car's performance with another, their racing activities and events in a particular time frame, etc. It all adds to your knowledge of automobiles and changes your perspectives and beliefs of what you thought you knew. This sale gives you the opportunity to own interesting literature at a very cheap price. In addition to the sale prices, note that if you buy multiple items, you can take advantage of our discount system for even greater savings.


Discounts on multiple item purchases
Not everything is on sale. Or is it? When you buy multiple items, everything is cut in price with the discount system. When you buy some items that are on sale you can still use the discount system, increasing the savings even more. The discount system simply means the more you buy, the greater the percentage of savings. Just place the order and we will subtract the savings and sent you either a credit card or PayPal invoice with the exact cost of shipping. You can pay the same day and get same-day shipping.

First Class Mail with a tracking number
Priority Mail shipping for literature outside of the USA has been the preferred method of shipping because it is fast and has a tracking number so you will know where it is at each step of its journey. But it is expensive. Thus, most of these customers have opted for First Class Mail shipping which is much cheaper. The disadvantage is that it is slow and at times gets hung up in customs for no apparent reason. But rarely does it get lost, although there is that fear if it does not arrive in a timely manner.

Finally, the US Postal System has upgraded to faster service and the use of online tracking, at no extra cost to you. The moment it is picked up here, it will enter the system just like Priority Mail. I now encourage you to use the new First Class Mail for your shipping outside of the USA to anywhere in the world.

Literature By Make
To find EVERYTHING on the make of car that you are looking for, you can now go to Literature By Make and everything pertaining to a particular make for a single year will all be on one page. That includes sales literature, dealer albums, special dealer literature, books, manuals, handbooks, memorabilia, paint chips, etc. You will save time and be able to get your order placed much faster.

Original Automotive Literature - No reprints
One thing has not changed for 53 years — we have never sold reprint literature. Everything is original here, but there must be more and more reprints out there. The question is often asked if the literature is original or a reprint because there are reprints on eBay. I have been collecting since 1947 and I can spot a reprint but then again, I rarely see reprints because we buy from long time collectors and not from eBay. Reprints are something to be concerned about and I personally examine each item. At the same time, I check for quality and most all items have been preserved so they are like new. There are some that have flaws or wear and we point out all defects in the descriptions. Those items are usually rare literature worthy of collecting even if not perfect. Still, it is our goal to present you with flawless literature. Unfortunately, eBay has become a dumping ground for the children and grandchildren who dispose of the elders' collections after the literature has deteriorated in the garage or basement for years. You will not find that literature here.



Auto Maniacs Newsletter, September 2013



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