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June 2013

Ford First and still No. 1

By Robert McLellan

When the original Auto Maniac first began publication after World War II, one objective was to introduce literature collectors to a wide variety of automotive makes other than what the local auto dealers sold in their hometowns. That philosophy has been reflected in the creation of McLellan's Automotive History in 1960.

Before the War, most towns had a Ford dealership and it was Fords that were the most popular cars, trucks and tractors in the nation, so naturally Ford literature was the most common and most collected. Hemmings Motor News began publication in the 1950s by dividing their magazine into "Ford" and "Other Makes" sections for their collectible cars, parts and literature. That format continued through the 1960s.

Many collectors owned only Fords or collected Ford literature and memorabilia and did not want to waste time looking through the non-Ford items. There were museums and personal collections devoted entirely to Ford during that time. I would go to swapmeets like the Pate Museum Swapmeet in Texas in the early 1970s only to be surrounded by Model Ts and Model As and their parts, memorabilia and literature. Asking about anything other than Ford would get stares as if I was from another planet. Once when I was making my inquires for the "other makes", another fellow looking for non-Ford literature approached me and invited me to come to his car to see his Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg literature that he could not sell at Pate the year before. A great deal was made.


An early Antique Automobile Club of American membership also found me surrounded by Ford enthusiasts and little else. But at the Hershey swapmeet in Pennsylvania, it was different. Collectors in the north-east lived where the towns are larger and not as far apart as in the South and in the Midwest. But even there, Ford was king in the 1950s and 1960s. The 1970s brought a turning point in which other makes became more popular overall than just Ford. While Ford remained the one most popular make, even with Ford, times had changed and the popularity of the Model T and Model A was slowly replaced with the Flathead V-8 models. Now it is the Mustang and the high performance Ford era of the 1960s and the early 1970s.

Ford is still the most collectible car and collectible literature, even though it is no longer the most popular new car. More exotic sports and early luxury cars draw the biggest collector crowds today but there is always the old Ford owner admiring the cars he remembers from his youth.

What is the best selling literature on our web site? Yes, it is Ford. Many of our collector customers take advantage of our discount purchase system and we hope you will too. Hundreds to choose from. Note the variety from cars to trucks to tractors.

- FORD (Commercial Cars and 1 1/2-Ton Trucks), Another Ford Triumph of Engineering: Ford V-8 Trucks and Commercial Cars

- FORD (V-8 [60 and 85 H.P.]), Ford Cars: The Quality Car in the Low Price Field

- FORD (Deluxe and Custom), Genuine Ford Accessories: Featuring a Complete Line of Accessories Styled Especially for Your Ford

- FORD, Ditzler Automotive Finishes - Ford

- FORD, Ford Dearborn-Wood Bros Combine

- FORD, The Stunning New Ford Victoria: Belle of the Boulevard

- FORD X-100

- FORD, Newest Version of America's Most Exciting Car: Ford Thunderbird

- FORD (Thunderbird, Fairlane, Customline and Mainline), Ford: The Fine Car at Half the Fine Car Price

- FORD, More Than a Car! More Than a Truck! New Ford Ranchero!

- FORD, The Distinguished Ford Thunderbird: The Car Everyone Would Love To Own

- FORD, Easiest Car in the World to Own: Ford Falcon - The New-Size Ford

- FORD (C-8000, F-950-D - 1100-D, N-850-D - 1100-D and H-1000-D and F-850 - 1100, C-850 - 1100, N-850 - 1100 and H-1000), Ford Single-Axle Trucks - Diesel Powered

- FORD, Ford Mustang - The Car Designed to be Designed by You!

- FORD (Tractors [2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 and Commander 6000]), New-Size Ford 2-Plow 2000


- FORD, Ford Pickups: F-100/250/350 and 4-Wheel Drive

- FORD (Mustang and Torino), Performance Buyer's Digest

- FORD (Gran Torino Sport, Gran Torino and Torino), More Car Than You Expected: Ford Torino . . . Better Ideas from Ford

- FORD (LTD, Galaxie, Custom, Thunderbird, Maverick, Torino, Mustang, Pinto and Ranchero), Ford Color Selections

- FORD (500, GT and Squire), Ford Ranchero

- FORD (F-100, F-250, F-350, F-600, F-750, Courier, Bronco, Econoline Van, C-Series and W-Series), Ford Truck Accessories

- FORD, Ford LTD: New, Luxurious Standard-Size Cars

- FORD (Ghia, Stallion, Cobra II, Mach I, 2+2 and Hardtop), Mustang II . . . The Sporty, Personal Way to Free Wheel

- FORD Ford Fairmont Police Car: Ford's Newest Compact Police Unit

- FORD, Thunderbird: Come Fly with Me

- FORD (Cobra, Ghia and Mustang), Ford Mustang: North America's Most Popular Sports Car

- FORD (LTD, Thunderbird, Taurus, Tempo, Mustang, Escort, Festiva, Probe, Ranger, F-Series, Bronco, Bronco II, Aerostar and Econoline Vans and Club Wagon), Ford Paint and Upholstery Book (Non-factory binder)

- FORD (GT), Ford Mustang Product Information

- FORD, Ford SVT F-150 Lightning

For complete list of Ford literature that is available click here


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