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May 2013

Automobile Quarterly Discount Special

By McLellan's Automotive History
L. Scott Bailey
L. Scott Bailey, in 1960, making plans for his gold-embossed Automobile Quarterly
Photo by Robert Grier

L. Scott Bailey grew up in the 1930s as an avid automobile fanatic and began collecting car literature from auto dealerships in his hometown of Middleton, Ohio. A dream of developing a large library of automotive history led him on a search for old car literature. He discovered the Auto Maniacs after serving in the Navy Reserve during World War II. After he graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, he pursued public relations work in New York during the 1950s, and his interest in automobile history, led Mr. Bailey to a job as director of public relations and executive vice president of the Antique Automobile Club of America, which he left in 1962 to found his magazine, Automobile Quarterly.

Automobile Quarterly

Mr. Bailey believed a hardcover periodical in the auto enthusiasts' hands would fill the gap between the contemporary car magazines and the few auto books available. The objective was to present four times a year, 100-plus pages in full color (without advertising), of lavishly illustrated articles of encyclopedic length and literary quality, all to “reflect the grandeur, the majesty, the adventure that is the automobile.” Karl Ludvigsen, a historian of Mercedes-Benz and a former contributor to Automobile Quarterly, called Mr. Bailey’s periodical an indispensable part of any serious car lover’s library. “Any motoring enthusiast or historian who does not possess an indexed set of Automobile Quarterlies is functioning in a wilderness.”. Kit Foster, editor of Automotive History Review, the journal of the Society of Automotive Historians, described Mr. Bailey as "a genius" at lining up good pieces, and finding the best writers. Scott's stable, considered the most distinguished in that field, included Ken Purdy, Griffith Borgeson and Beverly Ray Kimes, who started as a secretary at Automobile Quarterly and won numerous awards in automotive journalism. W. O. Bentley and Enzo Ferrari, founders of the car dynasties carrying their names, each published previews of their memoirs in Mr. Bailey’s periodical.

There is nothing like taking an issue of AQ off the shelf, relaxing in a comfortable chair and spending a half-hour reading a great article. When I am old and retired, I will have my complete set of AQs close at hand and the coffee pot next to me. The good life. What are your plans?

Now you have the opportunity to complete your collection of Automobile Quarterly at the lowest prices we have ever offered, plus they are all priced at $20. Top that off with discounts of up to 35%. Only issues that are like new are sold to you. Each page of each issue is examined for flaws. Any with flaws are sold to eBay vendors.

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