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March 2013

1960 Oldsmobile

By Robert McLellan
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When you are interested in a particular car and would like to own one, or better yet, already own the car, you will want to have all the information on that car that you can possibly find. Let's choose a 1960 Oldsmobile as an example. A brochure is probably your first purchase. But brochures are limited to basic information. To expand your knowledge on that make and particular model, a dealer's album will be very helpful. When cars were new, a salesman kept albums of paint, upholstery and information in their office to provide customers with simply everything available by the manufacturer. The albums, produced in one or more volumes are an abundance of information for the customer to select exactly the car they desired. All models, styles, colors, upholstery, options, features, trim levels, engine selection, tires, wheel covers, suspensions, performance enhancements, etc. are listed, described and shown.

When searching for the right car to buy, you now will have all the information about the car — more than most sellers know about their own car. Then you can negotiate a better deal. If you are restoring your car you now will have all the information to make it to a high quality concours car. You will also have more information that a concours judge. Although never available to the public when new, collectors now search for these rare albums and McLellan's Automotive has an abundance of them.

1960 - OLDSMOBILE (Series 98, Super 88 and Dynamic 88), Oldsmobile Colors. Fabrics

1960 - OLDSMOBILE (Series 98, Super 88 and Dynamic 88), Models . Features . Facts


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