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February 2013

Back in stock

By Robert McLellan

We are happy to announce that we have just acquired two books that have been requested in the last couple of years. Both are very rare volumes that are seldom seen.

~~ Packard
This Packard book is the original initial limited edition that now has been preprinted in standard binding and dust jacket. Superior in quality in every way, this special edition is for the Packard owner and true Packard enthusiast.

Few makes of cars command such an elaborate masterpiece of publishing and Automobile Quarterly went all out to insure that final product would justify their work. Packard was their chosen marque for this monumental work that required ten years of research, documentation and photography and tens of years of researching collections of Packard models and the literature, records, photographs and technical information on every Packard ever produced. Fortunately, the name Packard was so will respected, company record, information and photos from the Packard company, dealers and collectors has been well preserved. And who better to bring together than a top automotive publisher, L. Scott Bailey and famed writer and editor Beverly Rae Kimes. Add to that work of twenty six very knowledgeable Packard contributors and authorities and the result is the winner of a Cugnot Award.

Obviously, the ultimate Packard book is presented in a luxurious slipcase, leather binding and the highest quality printing. With so much Packard material available, it was not an easy to pack it all in one book but that is what has been done. The extensive written content and multitude of photos leaves nothing unsaid or not shown. Not to scare you with the idea that it is a text book on Packard, but it is an encyclopedia like source for everything known about Packard written in an enjoyable and entertaining way. If your are a Packard owner or enthusiast looking for anything about Packard, you will be happy to learn that the book is very well organized and you should have no trouble finding what you are looking for.

Even the authors are devotees of collecting sales literature, and you will find a list of every Packard brochure ever printed along with a well illustrated selection of photos of the brochures.


~~ Bugatti
Most Bugatti owners or enthusiasts do not know that this book exists and those that have heard of it, have rarely ever been able to find one. The only one that I have had was bought to a collector of several Bugattis and he said the cars were easier to find that this book. Apparently, only 2000 were published, all numbered and all were sold quickly and few have come to light since. Now this one that has become available from a collector's widow. It looks absolutely new.

Hugh Conway was the ultimate Bugatti enthusiast and expert author of books and articles on Bugatti. There have been many Bugatti books published before and after this one but that is everything about Bugatti compiled into one book. Thus the name, Bugatti Magnum. It weight 9 pounds and measures 13 inches by 10 inches and is 2 1/4 inches thick. The binding is in the tradition of the craftsmanship of the cars and would make Ettore Bugatti proud. Yes, that is metal turning on the book case and the brass plate is stamped just like a chassis plate. The use of the word magnificent is not a stretch. To read it from front to back would be a real feat. Do not expect to read this book and then put it on your book shelf as a trophy. Read it frequently for enjoyment and as a reference book and like the last owner, you will never sell it.

Since the book is stated to contain everything about Bugatti that Conway knew, a description of contents should not be necessary. Along with the multitude of contemporary photos there are many color photos of restored cars. Much of the information and photos had not been previously published. The book also contains an appendix of all the racing successes and a register of all the chassis



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